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New to the Forum but not so much to Nissan trucks. First one was a Datsun 720(??) in about 1969. Then a Datsun 510 (I Know it wasn't a truck) in about 1980. Then 4 Hard bodies spread out over the next 25 years or so 2x4's and 4x4's. They were all sold or traded off for various reasons.

Tomorrow I'm going over ( 125 miles or so) picking up a 2006 Nissan Frontier - Nismo ? but is wasn't advertised that way. Craig list deal lots of photos and very clean V6, 4x4, 6 speed, 265/75/17 tires and rims - looks taller then other Frontier's that are 4x4. The deal I've been looking for - lots of automatics but only 6 speed I could find .

Been trying to find out what the transmission ratios are and sure can't come up with them. Wondering how low first is and if 5th is 1-1 and 6th OD. Sure hoping it isn't one of those dual OD 6 speeds. That is what lead me to find this Forum - It's the first Frontier!

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