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Newby from Wichita

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Hi all - Coming from the Heartland where trucks are king! I'm an engineer and 2002 Frontier crewcab SE owner since 2005. I've owned nothing but Nissan's for the last 20 years or so, mostly since I got used to working on my 1985 300 ZX that I bought new and just liked the solidity of the products. They aren't the cheapest automobiles, but at the risk of sounding un-American, they put out the products with the right looks and bells/whistles I wanted when I wanted them.

I've kinda gotten the car stereo bug lately for some reason and have learned a lot from reading the posts of other stereo and truck owners on the subject. I can't figure out why but once I take a fancy to some type of technology/project/hobby I have to dive in with both feet and usually end up spending way too much money and free time learning to "engineer" just what I want and learn all I can about it. Call it a character flaw. I have more than a few. Hoping to pick up some tips on truck stuff I've noted over time and that most often has me scratching my head.
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Welcome and enjoy.
Welcome to the club man! Hope you find lots of good info here, it exists. Anything you need related to your truck, can be found here.
Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the group.
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The Frontier was built in the USA so we can call it an American truck.
Some GM's as well as Dodge trucks are built outside the USA and their owners claim they are American made.

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