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NEWBIES with 4 cylinder engines please VOTE

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If you are registering in this blog I would like to ask you to vote under the Frontier Poll section where we are taken a tally of 4 cylinder owners having or who have had a timing chain related problem now or in the past. If you would also note your model year and odometer reading that would be appreciated too.
Its broken down into 1st generation (model years 2004 or earlier---noted as Poll: 4 cylinder timing chain poll.....) and a 2nd generation poll (for 2005 and later model years---noted as Poll: 2nd generation frontier 4 cylinder,....) so be sure to vote in the correct group.

There is also a poll there to vote on if you have a 6 cylinder (Listed as "Poll: VQ40 Timing Chain issue").
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Can't seem to get a sticky done on this so I will add another post to this thread to get it back to the top of the page.
I've not read or heard about any 2005 or newer 4 cylinder Frontier chains making noise or going bad. You have nothing to be concerned about. You made a solid purchase and your truck will be around when your grandson uses it to take his driving test. Make sure your take some pictures..:)
So far you are correct.....none of the 2nd generation frontiers with 4 cylinders has reported any timing chain problems....we had two 1st gens that reported problems but they had over 100,000 miles when chain guides started making noise....I don't think any broke. Its a pretty good record.
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