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Does anyone know if the sunroof can be ordered without the roofrack? I'll special order it if I have too.

Is the roofrack removable? Perhaps I could just take it off.

After much research and test driving, I have decided to go with a 4x4 CC Nismo. The problem is getting the one I want. I want the sunroof, but not the rack. I want the traction package also, but I never seen one with that option? And most of all I like the Storm Gray color. There seems to be plenty of fully loaded Black Frontiers around here, but that's about it.

Does anyone else agree that the sunroof seems to have more head room (as long as your sitting positioned under the sliiding cover that is) than the one without the sunroof? Its almost like the seat is lower??? I have the legs of a 5' person and the upper body of a 7' foot person so headroom is always a problem for me. My wife says I look like ET when I'm naked.

Looking like I'll have to special order it.
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