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Newbie from Marlboro, NJ

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Hi Folks,
Just purchased a 2008 Frontier SE Crew Cab - first pick up owned and like to learn the different accessories I can add on i.e. slide in camper, hard caps, running boards/roof rack additions etc. I want to pimp this ride :)
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NJ ALL DAY. lol Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from 40 mins. north of you.

Hey me too lol. You North East or North West?
Never thought of it that way but I believe West Orange makes me in the east side of the state. Exit 145 on parkway then up rte. 280 west.

lol typical NJ thing "what exit are you?" Know exactly where ya are. I'm even further north than that 168 is the closest exit to me.

Well now that we have all these NJ members lets get a meet together!
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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