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Newbie from Az.

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Hi friends, Saturday I bought a white 2007 SE 4WD Crew Cab and so far so good. It only has 27,400 on the clock!
I knew it was the right one when I saw it in the Auto Trader, so I drove 4 hours from Phoenix to Show Low to get it.
I have lots of questions about what to do and what not to do when it come to modding the truck and what to expect on and off the road.
Thanks, Tim


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looks good
check out for our local az club called ONAZ
Welcome, it looks brand new in the pictures. Where is Show Low for those of us not in the know? lol

Welcome Sodbuster, as Penski61 said check out our local offroad club (ONAZ) here in AZ, the link is in my signature! Love the white frontier, i sometimes wish i would have gotten a white one black shows all the AZ pinstripes down the sides of my truck. Show Low huh thats a nice little trip, my mother in law has property up there i love that part of AZ. Welcome again to the forum.
Show Low, Arizona - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Welcome, it looks brand new in the pictures. Where is Show Low for those of us not in the know? lol

Hi Clint, thanks for the kind works. Here's more info than you probably want or need about Show Low...I could have just said it's about 4 hours east of Phoenix.
Live and learn, When I first read your post I thought Show Low was slang term you were using for a town name and not it's actual proper name. I just read the whole Wikipedia article, thanks.

Welcome to the club.

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