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I just bought my first frontier. 2013 ccsb sv with tow package. Graphite blue. Drove to another state for it. I think I got a decent deal. Truck is very clean. I bought it at a Volkswagen dealer next to a Nissan dealer (they used to be same owner) Came with a bunch of minor (but undisclosed) extras that I like. 10 days in and I'm incredibly happy with it. I did burp the radiator to get hot air to blow at idle (thanks to you guys). But I have two other questions

First, on two cold starts since I got it, the gauges have taken a few seconds to respond. The truck will start and all the gauges stay off. After 3-4 seconds they pop back to normal and all of fine for the rest of the day. Normal?

Second, whenever I start the truck cold(basically each morning) the air comes on full force. The blower blows for almost twenty minutes at full and then shuts off. At this point, the lights come on on the climate control knobs and I have full control of temp and blower. All is regular again. I don't have auto climate control. It doesn't seem to matter what setting I leave it on at night. Is this normal.

I searched forum but didn't really see these exact issues. Thanks in advance for any help or opinion.
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