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New Wheels/ Tires suggestions for stock 2004 4X4 frontier

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I am thinking of getting bigger tire or rims or both. I am not sure what do do. I want a beefier look without doing any modifications. I do very light off roading so I dont need anything hardcore. Any suggestions and opinions are welcomed. Pics would be great too. Thanks everyone!
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I'd do a PML lift (crank the front t-bars up) and run a 31 AT type tire on stock 15in rims
Ive got 265/75/16 on my truck with no lift and no rubbing issues

I was going to get Soft 8's in 15 in before I got a set of 16's for free. As for tires, I was going to get AT K/O, Duratrac's or Grabber AT2.. I went with some GY Authority's cuz I needed them asap and couldn't wait for tires to be shipped to me.
I had an '89 Hardbody that had the 14" equivalent of these:


The lugnuts on mine weren't recessed, but it had a hole pattern and rivet pattern similar to this along with center caps that stuck out almost flush with the wheel. Someone had put Nissan logos into the centers, it looked pretty nice.
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