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New user from BC

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Hey guys,

Just bought myself my first truck, an 2010 Frontier SE V6-6MT 4x4. So far Im loving it. Came on here cause it looks to be full of good information on these great trucks!

Talk to you in the forums.


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good choice welcome to clubfrontier
welcome. this is the place to be
Welcome to the club.

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Welcome to CF!

Bring $$... j/k
Welcome and enjoy.
Thanks guys.

Zedbra - Im living in Kelowna. How bout yourself?
Congrats and welcome! Isn't that 6-speed trans great? Makes driving a whole difference experience.

Welcome to the Club, nice looking truck
So far I'm loving the 6 speed tranny. Seems like great low end pull with the shorter gears, but having 6th makes it great on the highway. Going to drive it for a while stock, get a feel for her, then I might try to give it a more aggressive stance in the summer. Providing the dealer is content with those changes.

Great forum so far guys!
Welcome to the club. Zedbra and myself are from Squamish, WhistlerWzrd from Vancouver.
Good to see there are a few people from BC here. Is there anyone in the lower mainland that specialize or carry any aftermarket parts for our rigs? Or is it just best to shop around online?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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