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Hello to all and thanks for being here and letting me in

I Have a 2011 Frontier used .. never been wrecked ...
The Airbag light just came on , I don't have a OBD2 scanner so figured out the key deal to get codes .
After getting in diag mode . it gave nothing
Then I found out if I turned steering wheel far to right or left , then it gave up the code
It was 2 flashes . and found what I found out is driver module circuit is out of order
Found a garage with scanner and had him double check , he also found out as long as wheels was straight it found nothing but after I had him turn steering wheel to far right or left he got same code , saying open .
Doing research I have found that in prev years there was a recall on clips on the cable by the module , so I am wondering if this could be the issue and when you turn steering wheel that it is pulling on cable and coming somewhat undone ?
could it be the module or the clock speed cable ?
Also how many if any of yall have or had an issue with this year and this same issue with airbag light and code 2

Thanks again for any help

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I have not had that problem, but soon some who has will probably chime in, either way

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