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Hello fellow Travelers,
Hope I didn't do something too crazy. I flew to Denver Friday, bought an 08 nismo off Craigslist, and drove it back to my home near KC.
The goal is to have a vehicle that will see light duty as a suburban homeowner's truck, but also to have a little fun with car camping on the plains and in the Ozarks, and taking the Hobie Cat to the lake. But mainly, it needs to get me and my wife to the Rockies 2-3 times a year, and allow us to actually drive up to trailheads on roads that show up as dotted lines on the map.
I'm not planning on any radical tricks or mods, but do enjoy seeing what others have done with their rigs.
My initial question will of course be how to resolve the radiator ruining the transmission issue, and I will head to that thread after this intro.
Looking forward to the journey.
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