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New to the Frontier game

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Hello all!

I have been a car guy my entire life, and I never really got into the truck scene. My second vehicle was a 92 pathfinder and it was a little rough at times. I went back to cars and bought an 87 300zx and fell in love. Next in line was an 07 Nismo 350z. I still have both of these cars, and recently my girlfriend joined the Nissan world with her purchase of an 05 Nismo Frontier. It had some transmission issues, but will hopefully be bulletproof moving forward. She wants it to be her off-road truck, which means I am now by coercion a truck guy. I'm not complaining though. They are slick trucks and a lot of fun to drive. I'm here for the knowledge and resources to mod this baby out and hit some trails!

Thanks for the forum and allowing us a place to share our knowledge and teach others. Forums have always helped me out with my Zs, so I'm here for help on the Frontier.

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Welcome to the forums .... We're here to help you spend all of your money :)
Here's not lying *sigh* Welcome!
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