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New to the forum from GA

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so I've had my fronty for about 6 months now and finally decided to join the club and get to know some peeps with a common interest... I have an 06 CC Nismo 4X2 Fronty. I bought this after my 5th gen maxima was totaled after a car show. So far all I've done to the fronty is 5% tint all around with 35% on the windshield, added my 7 inch double din in-dash, K&N drop-in filter, 6000K HID's, GP Thunder 3500K fogs, side steps, in-channel vent visors, Lund Genesis Tonneau, smoked bug guard... and so far thats about it... here's a couple pics, one from the day i got it and another from about a month or 2 ago... along with a before and after pic of my max... tear

... please excuse the cell phone pics... better ones coming soon

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Welcome and enjoy.
good looking truck, welcome to the club. i'm stationed at ft stewart, looking forward to getting back stateside in 9 months or so
thanks guys. i posted up in the SE Georgia Roll Call thread, hopefully some of those ppl in there around here still have their trucks and we can get a meet goin or somethin
welcome from just up the road, storm gray represent!! :thumbsup:
welcome.... that wouldn't be one of gwinnitt's finest there in your avatar now would it:laugh:
You must be close by.... I am in l'ville myself, just south of the mall, off 124 and old peachtree.
too bad about the maxima... looked great.
haha yessir that would be one of Gwinnett's finest behind me... a friend of mine took that from his mirror one morning on the way to work... i used to get stopped constantly in my maxima so he thought it was funny enough to take a picture. he gave me hell for rolling my front windows down when the cop got behind me
at one point there were 5-6 fronty's with in 20 miles or so.....
loganville, snellville, buford and suwanee.
would be great to get a few together. there's a few decent places around here with out having to make it a day trip. been on the trails off PIB in buford?
naw i havent been to those... I went to high school up there and drove past em pretty much every day but never stopped
Welcome to Club Frontier.

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