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What up everyone? just joined the forum. I'm new here but not new to Nissan trucks.

I own an '02 Frontier King Cab. not much done to it, just Magnaflow muffler, LED 3rd brake light, window tint, swapped the flimsy "post mirrors" with some folding mirrors, removed the fender flares (hated the 4wd look on a 2wd truck) and got some HIDs coming for it within a week or so. I had a Grant Kustoms roll pan on it, but it got ruined when my left rear corner got banged up a few years ago, so got a stock bumper on it (haven't been able to get another one ordered yet)

I do have more plans for it, just taking it steps at a time......

Before the window tint and mirror swap and flare removal:

with tint and swapped mirrors and no fender flares:

it's my second Frontier i've owned. my last one was a 99, got rid of it b/c i was tired of the auto trans (slow), so i traded it and got the 02 with the 5spd

I'm also a member over at :thumbsup:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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