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Hey everybody, Sean here. As the title implies I’m new to the website, we’ll sort of, I joined a month ago but I’m just getting around to this. A few months before moving down to Texas, I bought a 2016 Frontier PRO-4X Crew Cab. Got the truck on July 3 2016 with a measly 30 miles on the engine. 16 month later I’m just over 29,000, wasn’t going to use as a daily driver but hell it’s so much fun to drive around and super comfortable, my fuel efficient car sits in the driveway collecting dust lol. I love the truck but it’s so damn hard to find anything that fits it. I don’t know how Nissan pissed off every manufacturer but almost everyone stopped making aftermarket parts around 2011, or so it seems.
To date I’ve only done 3 things to the truck:
-Tints (Windshield 90 With 70 eyebrow, Row 1 30, Row 2 20, Rear 20)
-Havoc HS2 Hoop Steps (Black)
-Husky Long John Mud Flaps (Temporary until I can get some fender flares)
-And I guess a stubby antenna, all 2” of it

God I feel like I’m back in school introducing myself but that’s about it for now. The pictures show my truck after I put the hoop steps on. FYI I fly the planes in the pictures for my boss and run our aviation division, they are in no way/shape/form mine (other than when I’m flying, then I’m completely in charge hah). So don’t think I have an unlimited budget when asking around for mods, but these company credit cards might as well, just kidding, have a good day everyone.


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Welcome I just joined too and have been eyeing a bunch of mods.
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