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Hey everybody, Sean here. As the title implies I’m new to the website, we’ll sort of, I joined a month ago but I’m just getting around to this. A few months before moving down to Texas, I bought a 2016 Frontier PRO-4X Crew Cab. Got the truck on July 3 2016 with a measly 30 miles on the engine. 16 month later I’m just over 29,000, wasn’t going to use as a daily driver but hell it’s so much fun to drive around and super comfortable, my fuel efficient car sits in the driveway collecting dust lol. I love the truck but it’s so damn hard to find anything that fits it. I don’t know how Nissan pissed off every manufacturer but almost everyone stopped making aftermarket parts around 2011, or so it seems.
To date I’ve only done 3 things to the truck:
-Tints (Windshield 90 With 70 eyebrow, Row 1 30, Row 2 20, Rear 20)
-Havoc HS2 Hoop Steps (Black)
-Husky Long John Mud Flaps (Temporary until I can get some fender flares)
-And I guess a stubby antenna, all 2” of it

God I feel like I’m back in school introducing myself but that’s about it for now. The pictures show my truck after I put the hoop steps on. FYI I fly the planes in the pictures for my boss and run our aviation division, they are in no way/shape/form mine (other than when I’m flying, then I’m completely in charge hah). So don’t think I have an unlimited budget when asking around for mods, but these company credit cards might as well, just kidding, have a good day everyone.


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Another Sean ? hhhmmmmmmmm LOL
Nice truck and thanks for posting pics we all love pics.

Just a friendly reminder...not sure what aftermarket add on's you are looking for but your 2016 truck is the same as any post 2008 except for the radio/infotainment and possibly the heat and AC controls.

The websites listing aftermarket add on's most likely did not update the website listing every new year.
I have the Magnaflow 15580 SS Cat-Back Exhaust and there is a slightly annoying drone sound at a certain RPM but I dont even notice it now...just got used to it.

So you might want to look at something else besides Magnaflow.

When I first got my truck I didnt have much knowledge either , so I just read the forum here , our truck has been basically the same truck since 2005 so every subject has pretty much been covered.

Example Bushwacker fender flares ....just type Bushwacker in the google search box on the forum and I am sure you would get probably a dozen threads that come up with all kinds of info.

I guess so, we will slowly take over this forum hah, glad they spell it right though. No problem, I figured I’d at least let everyone see the lack of upgrades/mods so they could ream my ***. Wow, seriously? :bow: thanks for that nice bit of advice, now I feel like an idiot. I guess I gotta get online and and get a couple things. Probably gonna start with some fender flares(Bushwacker?), and an exhaust, for now anyway. Any sites/products you’d recommend? I’ve tried realtruck, cariD and another one but it’s slipping my mind right now. I honestly know very little about trucks, forgive me if those are like sacreligious websites on this forum.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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