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new to site and to Nissan

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I currently own a 2003 Toyota Tacoma TRD ext cab. I am selling it and strongly considering buying a 2010 Frontier PRO-4x with moonroof/roof rack package. My truck is having a new frame, rear leafs, fuel/brake lines, and tail light wiring harness replaced on warranty by toyota. When I get it back I will sell it and most likely get the nissan. I am torn between the Nissan and another tacoma. I have driven the Frontier twice and I like the ride and interior better than the tacoma's, as well as the 4 wheel discs and increase in HP and Torque. The only thing keeping me interested in the toyota is the high resale and the fact that they are taking really good care of me with all of these FREE repairs. I have joined this site for 2 reasons the first is to do research on the truck, and the other is because I am leaning towards the Nissan; I just like it better. I am about ready to say screw the resale. Any constructive advice would be helpful.

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I was on the fence I'm sure most people on this forum were when they were shopping for their trucks. I, like everyone else, wanted more bang for my buck now and plan on driving my truck into the ground. I just couldn't justify the extra $ for a Tacoma not to mention that I would have to buy an older or higher mileage Tacoma or put more money down to get payments where I wanted them. There's no doubt in my mind that either of these trucks are phenomenal vehicles, but people that think rationally and frugally before buying things will probably buy a Frontier over a Tacoma unless they plan on selling it within a few years.

I know a buddy of mine has been oogling over Tacomas for years and once he pays down some other debts to justify taking on another car payment and/or sells his townhouse for a detatched home, I'm sure he'll be buying a truck, and most likely a Tacoma. He's just put Tacomas on such a pedastle that I don't think he'll really give anything else a fair consideration. But the fact that you own a Tacoma and are on this forum all but says to me that you are pretty much sold on a Frontier. I'm sure that you that you won't be disappointed no matter which vehicle you go with.

Good luck with your decision!
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