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new to site and to Nissan

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I currently own a 2003 Toyota Tacoma TRD ext cab. I am selling it and strongly considering buying a 2010 Frontier PRO-4x with moonroof/roof rack package. My truck is having a new frame, rear leafs, fuel/brake lines, and tail light wiring harness replaced on warranty by toyota. When I get it back I will sell it and most likely get the nissan. I am torn between the Nissan and another tacoma. I have driven the Frontier twice and I like the ride and interior better than the tacoma's, as well as the 4 wheel discs and increase in HP and Torque. The only thing keeping me interested in the toyota is the high resale and the fact that they are taking really good care of me with all of these FREE repairs. I have joined this site for 2 reasons the first is to do research on the truck, and the other is because I am leaning towards the Nissan; I just like it better. I am about ready to say screw the resale. Any constructive advice would be helpful.

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I could care less about resale. I'm keeping my truck.

A lot can be said for customer service. Not many Nissan dealerships aren't known for taking care of warranty stuff without a struggle. Although, I think it's fair to say that Toyota is walking on eggshells with their customer base with the whole "stuck pedal" situation. They're trying very hard to rebuild their image of quality and customer service. The last thing Toyota needs is to be giving their customers a hard time about warranty issues right now.

I just know my truck is a blast to drive and the aftermarket for Frontiers is finally coming around. Not nearly as big as the Taco's aftermarket but sufficient for now. :)
Good luck with your future purchase--either Frontier or Tacoma. Both are good brands. There are quite a few members here who chose the Frontier over the Tacoma for various reasons. The biggest I've heard was just "more truck for the money"
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