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i just got a 2006 nissan frontier yesterday. the only thing wrong with it is the blower fan for the a/c is noisy,when i asked the used car lot they said that was normal,i don't think so,i can get it up to three then it start shacking the whole dash. it is paid off so i think i will take the blower motor out and check it,maybe something simple,i hope. i also need a shop manual for it but ebay wants 450.00 for the set. the truck has a 4spd automatic and a 4.0 liter engine and is 2wd. no cruise control yet or satellite radio but that will come eventually as will fog lights and running boards. as i get into it more i will be picking your brains for answers ,but so far everything is ok except the fan.::smile::
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sounds like the fan is asking to be replaced
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