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Hey guys,
I bought a beautiful one owner 2010 Frontier Pro-4x last week with 72,xxx original miles on the odometer, and I love it.
I do have two concerns;

1). The odometer has gone blank 8 times in one week. There are no codes stored, no check engine lights. It usually starts working again at random. I have an appointment with the Nissan dealer that I bought the truck from to repair this under my used car warranty.
2). I really want / need a tuner so that I can improve the towing performance with my 4,000 camper. But it seems that I need a PC to use a tuner. We are a Mac family and have NO Idea how to use a PC if we even had one!
Is it possible if I find a used tuner for my 2010 Pro-4X that it would work for me without a PC?
Tony P
Monroe, NC

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It sounds like you may have a faulty integrated meter assembly (instrument cluster). Since it's under warranty, let the dealer handle it.
You don't need a computer to do tunes on your vehicle, unless you plan to do a lot of custom performance upgrades and want to create custom tunes using a program like Up-Rev.
There are several tuners on the market that simply plug into your OBD II diagnostic port under the dash and have user friendly menus to pick from several programs and tune options. Superchips Flashpaq Tuner #4862 will work on your Frontier and is what I use on my '06 Pathfinder. It has tunes for towing, 87 Performance, 91 Performance, 93 Performance and a gas saver tune...and it's easy to go back to the stock tune if you need to. It also lets you raise the speed and rev limiters and advance the ignition timing. Prices have come down on them, lately, and you can find them under $350. They work on stock engines, but will also accept basic mods. I have headers, rear converters deleted, a Magnaflow 12580 muffler, an XTP plenum spacer, Stillen aluminum pulley and an aFe Momentum CAI system and use the 93 Performance tune and, since I did the tune last, really could feel the difference the tuner made. The only bad thing I can about the Superchips tuner is that the latest firmware doesn't have an option to disable the wide open throttle restriction, but other tuners have that capability.

Superchips 4862 Flashpaq Programmer | eBay

Another popular tuner is the Bully Dog Triple Dog GT, which has a lot more features and can disable the wide open throttle restriction. It is a bit more money, however, at about $429:

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Tuner (49-State Legal) - Bully Dog GT Tuner Reviews on Gas Programs for Dodge, Chevy, Ford & Nissan Trucks
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