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Hi Guys,

I live in Alaska, and bought a 1st gen 2004 Frontier XE about 2 months ago. This is my first Nissan truck. 145.000 miles. I have owned a Silverado in the past, and then went 5 years without a truck (just sedan's), but we found ourselves needing a pick up again.

The Frontier is not my daily driver, but will be used for hauling/towing duties and other adventures. Hopefully.

I attached a picture. She's a white 4x4, auto-locking front hubs, manual 5 speed Crew Cab, long bed with camper topper. It's the XE model and she's bare bones. No cruise control (would like to add that), and the fog lights in the bumper are just for show. They aren't actually hooked up to anything. Hand crank windows and manual locks.

She has the N/A V6 engine, which does feel a tad under powered to be honest.

She has several issues, most of which I am not concerned about:

1) When the engine is warming up, after about 5 minutes there is a STRONG burning oil smell. I'm fairly certain this is because of the valve cover gaskets, which are quite obviously sweating oil. I am not too concerned with the burning smell, but would like to get it fixed as it's a fairly acrid smell. I can already foresee that changing the driver's side gasket will be annoying...
2) Check engine light is on. I pulled the codes and it's showing P0420 and P0430. Not concerned about those either, we have no smog tests here in Alaska.
3) Slight vibration at 60MPH and above, which I am fairly certain is just a matter of balancing the wheels.
4) Slight on-center play in steering wheel, but not too concerned either since this truck has old-fashioned recirculating ball power steering which in my experience always tends to be vague.

There is one thing I am however concerned about, and I was hoping one of you would have an idea of what his could be:

Steering to the right the steering wheel turns one and three quarter turns. However, steering to the left, my steering wheel will go two complete turns, and, when steering back from full lock after steering that far to the left, there is a loud clunk noise to be heard.
No clunk when steering to the right.

I think the steering wheel somehow is allowed to "over steer" too far to the left. When I steer to the left and only turn it the one and three quarter turn, there is no clunk.

Does anyone have any idea what that could be?


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