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Hey im new to lifting trucks and bought my first 4x4 Frontier. Its an 04 and i've noticed its not listed when i look for lift kits. I want to be able to clear at least 33 inch tires and still be able to drive offroad...I am a brand new firefighter in the airforce so money is tight right now. please feed me as much information on the 04 frontier and lifting it as possible thank you for taking the time to read this...I am originally from georgia :hick: but am stationed in arizona
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hey welcome first of all,
and check the forums under suspension, and/or down the forum home page they have many sponsors of this club im pretty sure PRG Products has what your looking for.
Hey man thanks for the info. im new to the forum and appreciate all the help i can get. im hoping that the forum will help me get my Frontier looking Bada$$...
thats what im doing here also, the people here are really friendly and are very helpful. enjoy your stay...
I'm not sure if PRG offers any packages for the 1st gen's. You should check . They're allright price wise. or you could look for someone who's selling there set up to step up.
They didnt offer what i am looking for, and i checked the classifieds on here and didnt find anything but will keep checking those.. i am gonna check 4x4parts now thanks again.
Welcome. This thread should help answer some of your questions:

Thanks for all of the great info!! the site is where i found both 3" body and 3" suspension lifts. thank you so much for the help. ill have to upload photo's after i get it lifted!!
Welcome to CF and THANK YOU for your service to our country!

Welcome to the club.

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