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Hi, I am considering acquiring a new or late model Frontier and hope to gain some insights into the possible choices: access cab versus crew cab, new versus CPO, etc. While I do not plan on serious off road use, I do want 4 wheel drive for the occasional snows we have here in Eastern Tennessee and the added security provided if faced with bad road conditions. The truck will be used as my vehicle and the wife has her own car that we would use for vacation travel. It will be used around town and short trips likely under 100 miles. I hope to learn a lot from the forum members and add to the knowledge base hen appropriate.


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I would look at both crew cab and king cabs and really think about if you will carry passengers and or gear. While it is just my wife and I, we regularly use the rear area of my crew cab for the "clean/dry" gear when camping.

The VDC system is quite effective in keeping the truck safe and straight in inclement weather.

Note that there are three different seats available for the frontier. There is a base model seat (has one adjuster wheel on the side) that some have complained about comfort, a multi adjustable cloth (identifiable by two adjuster wheels on the left side of the driver's side of the seat bottom as opposed to one adjuster wheel on the base seats) which are quite comfortable ( I have in my Pro-4X) and the power leather seats which I cannot comment on, but would assume as comfortable.
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