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Well, after 7 years of wanting I finally did it. I went with a bigger tire! I have a 03 XE KC and just bought a new set of Kumho Mojave 235/75/15's. I love em, they look great and they're rated at 50k! They were cheep too $98 a piece! I've played with the idea of a lift but I'm unsure as of now. Probably tuesday I'm taking it in to a friends shop and doing a torsion crank to level it out then getting it aligned. We'll see what it looks like after that. The tires made a world of difference already though. Speedo is off, but it varies with speed. At 40 its off 1mph but at 70 its off 4. I'll probably end up getting it recalibrated. I'll take some pics on tuesday after the torsion crank and post em up.
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