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New Tires HELP

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hey guys, i got a 06 front xe king cab. i just got a 3incer lift on her yesterday and now its time to get some new tires. Im looking at the General grabber AT2 General Grabber AT2 Tires - All Terrain Tire Reviews

im looking at 31/10.5/15 and my main concern and the concern the nissan dealership had was if they would rub because they are a much wider tire than my stock tires.

any and all input would be very helpful.
thanks matt
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265s are what come from the factory on the SE model (what I have).
265/25.4=10.43" wide. Now that's on an SE rim mind you with a 30mm offset.
This means with the SE rim, you would be fine and dandy with a 10.5" wide tire.
I don't know the offset of the XE rims, which is what I assume you are running.
Moral of the story, 10.5" wide tires will fit in there depending on the rim.

Disclaimer: I honestly don't know that much about the XEs so I'm assuming that suspension parts and clearances are the same as the other models, SE, LE and Nismo.

I'm sure somebody will chime in with a more definitive answer for you.
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