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New stock stereo and IPOD hookup questions

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:?: I will soon have an '05 King Cabs 6disc Indash CD changer coming to me to put in my '05 Crew Cab. All I have found recently has been the new nissan IPOD attachement or those that you control the IPOD through the stereo itself. Can anyone direct me to a device where I just need to plug the IPOD into the stereo. I am fine with controlling it through the IPOD itself. I was told that this stock stereo comes ready to get the satalite stereo harnes connected so I jest need to get an attachment to connect my IPOD right to that, correct?

Also, how hard would it be to install an IPOD attachment? I would like to have the wire run into the center console so I can put the IPOD in there and when i want to use it, I can take it out of the center console and place it around the cup holder area, so i need a long wire. I dont like having to reach over the glove box and since I want to control it through the ipod, this makes more sence.

Thanks for the help. I might be going to a audio shop to instal this becuase I am not sure about my skills, I dont want to go and scratch/break anything on my new truck.
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To remove the headunit, start pulling where the two oulets are the bottom right corner. The panel will pop out and there are 4 or 6 screws holding in the headunit. The center console might be the same as a king cab, just held on by clamps lightly but firmly pull up on the console between the cup holders and it should come up. Good Luck.
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