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New stock stereo and IPOD hookup questions

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:?: I will soon have an '05 King Cabs 6disc Indash CD changer coming to me to put in my '05 Crew Cab. All I have found recently has been the new nissan IPOD attachement or those that you control the IPOD through the stereo itself. Can anyone direct me to a device where I just need to plug the IPOD into the stereo. I am fine with controlling it through the IPOD itself. I was told that this stock stereo comes ready to get the satalite stereo harnes connected so I jest need to get an attachment to connect my IPOD right to that, correct?

Also, how hard would it be to install an IPOD attachment? I would like to have the wire run into the center console so I can put the IPOD in there and when i want to use it, I can take it out of the center console and place it around the cup holder area, so i need a long wire. I dont like having to reach over the glove box and since I want to control it through the ipod, this makes more sence.

Thanks for the help. I might be going to a audio shop to instal this becuase I am not sure about my skills, I dont want to go and scratch/break anything on my new truck.
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Thanks StormNISMO but that does not help me really.

I dont want a system that controls the IPOD through the stereo controls. I want to be able to control the IPOD through the IPOD. I just need help on finding the attachment to just hook the IPOD to the stereo so I can get it to play the music, i want to control the IPOD with the IPOD, so I can run it through the center console.
stormNISMO, the site you provided says "The AAI-NIS2 Utilizes the steering wheel or radio buttons to send out commands to PAC's optional SWI-X which can be used to control an MP3 player, DVD, VCP or most devices that use an infrared remote." This is not what I am looking for. I do not want to control the IPOD through the stereo. I dont want me stereo to do anything put play the music. The IPOD will be controlled by my hand, not the buttons on the stereo unit.
stormNISMO, my apologies. the website only talks about the stereo controls. I didnt see anywhere that it was an optional attachment. I gues this is exactly what I need. Do I need special wires to connect my IPOD to this device or can any work? Also, can this piece fit behind the stereo or do i need to connect and hang it somewhewre behind the dash?
stormNISMO, is the Monster® iCable® for iPod® what your talking about? It is the only thing that looks like what I should need. Plus it says its 4 feet of cable so I think that should be enough (sarcasm). As a side note, does anyone know how to remove the center console and the area around the stereo? I will need to remove them so I can run the cord into the console arm rest.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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