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New stock stereo and IPOD hookup questions

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:?: I will soon have an '05 King Cabs 6disc Indash CD changer coming to me to put in my '05 Crew Cab. All I have found recently has been the new nissan IPOD attachement or those that you control the IPOD through the stereo itself. Can anyone direct me to a device where I just need to plug the IPOD into the stereo. I am fine with controlling it through the IPOD itself. I was told that this stock stereo comes ready to get the satalite stereo harnes connected so I jest need to get an attachment to connect my IPOD right to that, correct?

Also, how hard would it be to install an IPOD attachment? I would like to have the wire run into the center console so I can put the IPOD in there and when i want to use it, I can take it out of the center console and place it around the cup holder area, so i need a long wire. I dont like having to reach over the glove box and since I want to control it through the ipod, this makes more sence.

Thanks for the help. I might be going to a audio shop to instal this becuase I am not sure about my skills, I dont want to go and scratch/break anything on my new truck.
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05_NISMO_4X4 has already installed this on his truck with a very good write up. Hope this helps!! Input

Maybe this is more of what you are looking for?? The aai-nis2(scroll down the page a bit) gives you auxillary ports to hook up the ipod. This way you should be able to hard wire it to the truck and still use the ipod interface.
You don't have to use the steering wheel controls with this device. This device plugs into the satallite input to give two auxillary inputs. The steering wheel control is an added option that does not need to be hooked up for this to work. Therefore you can still use the ipod's interface. I'm sorry if this wasn't able to help you out.
You will need an adapter for the Ipod to connect to auxillary ports. I think Monster Cable makes one and its about $30. I'm not too sure the length of wiring this come with for mounting purposes. Glad I could be of service.
Yeah that iCable is what I was refering to!! As for the console I will be absolutly no help. Sorry!
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