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New stereo question

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I have 2011 S model truck with factory radio. I want to replace just the HU, and keep the factory speakers which I understand are 2 ohm. I bought a Pioneer HU, but after reading in it's owners manual the stern warning about not connecting speakers with less than 4 ohms, I am returning it. Does anyone have a suggestion for a 2 ohm HU, either single or double Din?
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why not use an amp that allows you to use it with 2 ohm speakers?
I am trying to avoid adding the extra expense, and wiring of an external amplifier. I had hoped to just replace the HU to get some more features lacking in the stock HU. I could replace all speakers with 4 ohm, but again, the added expense, and work involved removing door panels. Wonder what others have done when just replacing the HU?
Be more specific - what model Pioneer? I can check the specs
Here's the owners manual:
See page 19 for connection info with the impedance warning
See page 26,27 for specifications

Thanks for the help
Yesterday: I talked to Technical support at Crutchfield about the 2-Ohm/4-Ohm issue, and was advised not to use the Receiver with my factory speakers. He told me to call customer service, and see if they can suggest a Receiver that can handle 2 Ohm speakers.

Today: I called Crutchfield, and discussed my issue. I was assured that the Receiver I purchased would indeed work without issue with my factory Nissan 2 Ohm speakers even though there is an impedance mismatch????

Today: I called Pioneer Tech support and was advised to NOT use the Pioneer DEH-X6900BT Receiver with my factory 2 Ohm speakers. Also, if I do want to use the Receiver, I should replace all 2 Ohm speakers with 4 Ohm speakers.

Total confusion to say the least......
Are any of these sources telling you WHY to not use the HU?
Yes - Driving 2 ohm speakers with an amp that is rated for a min. 4 ohm load will produce heat, and eventually ruin the amp (receiver)
Thanks everyone for the suggestions/comments. I decided to not send the HU back, and just give it a try. I really want the features of new HU, especially the remote, as I have my seat all the back, and the station tuning button on the stock HU is on the far right. I don't listen at high levels so until I replace the speakers, it might survive the impedance mismatch.

I do have to figure out how to remove the window crank from the door panels. Don't laugh, it's a basic truck that has crank windows, and the millennial anti-theft devise option::smile::
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