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OK, so I screwed up, but it's your gain.

My 2000 Frontier 2wd Desert Runner with 65k miles on it. Decided to replace the shocks. Went to my local Pepboys to get new Monroe Sensatracs. A week later actually did the install work. Found the rear shock were wrong. According to the Pepboys online system there is no difference between a 2wd and a 2wd Desert Runner. Needless to say, the Desert Runners use the same shocks as a 4wd. Exchanged the rears, not knowing I would later find the fronts to be a problem as well.

So after loosing the receipt, I bought new fronts that work. That leaves me with a pair of Monroe Sensatracs # 37077 with 5 miles on them.

I'm in Southerm California, south bay area.

Cost me about $39 each.

Make me an offer. Come get them.

Oh and BTW: Front wheel bearings are also the same as a 4wd.
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