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*NEW PowerAid TB Spacer For 4.0L Frontier

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The PowerAid Throttle Body Spacers from AIRAID Premium Filter Company are designed to greatly improve the low-end torque and horsepower characteristics of your engine. PowerAid accomplishes this by spacing the throttle body one inch and adding a dyno-proven Helix style bore(s). As the intake air passes through the spacer, the Helix bore creates a vortex action that improves atomization creating a more complete combustion and an efficiently burning engine. The results are improved drivability and increased fuel efficiency. The PowerAid spacer is 50 state legal, will not void your new car warranty, and can be used with any grade fuel.

Advantages of the TB Spacer
The TB spacer will Not make you any faster in the 1/4 mile. What they are designed to do is increase part throttle mid range torque. Around town light to light is where you see a difference in performance. Full throttle performace is not really effected. The Poweraid Spacer is For those who do alot of driving and are looking for better throttle response around town and better MPG.

PowerAid TB Spacers Are In Stock And Ready to Ship

Please Email, PM, or Call for Your CF Member Price
Toll Free # 888-345-4782


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You can download the installation instruction from AirAid's website. After reviewing the instructions, I'd have to say yes to your question! The TBS goes after the Throttle Body in the intake, so it does not affect how the CIA is attached. The two small metal tabs with the holes in them are designed to attach to the mounting points of the OEM intake, allowing it to be secured while giving the required clearance for the TBS being installed. So, they would be used with the aFe and AirAid Intake, but the Volant, K&N, and others that replace the whole intake tube would not require those tabs being as that part of the stock intake (the peice with the Nissan Logo) is not used. Hope this helps.

I have one on order, and am hoping it arrives today. If it does, I'll take pictures after it's instaled and post them here. BTW, I have the AirAid Intake installed on my truck!
I got mine this afternoon and had it installed in less than 30 minutes! I did a write-up with pics under a new thread in this section. Everything fit great!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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