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So I just bought a 2001 frontier over here on Kauai, the smallest and most northern hawaiian island, for $1200. and its not completely rusted out, actually not at all really besides some surface dirt and some small bolts... pretty unbelievable.

It has the p0300 code for random misfire, and knock sensor code, and it hesitates and loses power once it's up at operating temperature. seems to run fine if you just start and go when its cold (and it doesn't get very cold here). but when its warmed up it doesn't get too far into 2-3K rpm before it starts losing power under load. when I bought it and drove it home it had trouble initially with this pretty good size hill but then once I was cruising 45-50 mph it seemed to not lose power until i slowed down into the lower gears.

I found both exhaust manifolds cracked, replaced them with doormans from o'reillys
AND I was wondering if anyone else has these and knows which catalytic converters from rock auto, or another cheap site, will fit with these dormans??

I put new denso o2 sensors from rock auto on the passenger side and have the same for the other side I just dropped the driveline to get the drivers side cats out earlier today.

I found a piece of tape inside the distributor cap that was basically covering one of the points that goes to one of the wires... which seems like it might cause a misfire..

going to try to get it back together tomorrow to see if anything I've done might have brought it back to life..

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I'm sure a handful of you guys have had the same problems!

Oh yeah and my last rig was a 1995 pathfinder so pretty much same engine and tranny so at least I'm kind of familiar with it. my pathfinder never had any problem like this though for the 4-5 years I owned it. AND it had more room to work on stuff :serious:


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Welcome to Club Frontier. You might want to post your questions / comments over in the 1st Generation forum, now that you have made your introduction
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