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Hey guys I am a new member here. I am the owner of 2 4 cylinder trucks.
I have a 1998 frontier 4x4 5 speed and a 2001 2wd automatic. I am looking for multiple parts for both the trucks that I will be posting in the classifieds section. My 01 just had a cylinder 4 misfire that turned out to be a clogged/leaking intake manifold and gasket. It was also throwing a p1446 that turned out to be a dirty canister valve. Now it has a bad EGR BPT valve that I will be looking to replace. On my 1998 I replaced the headgasket/timing set and it all seemed to be going well until I turned on the AC and it filled up my cabin with white smoke. There is also white smoking coming out of the exhaust and it smells like burned oil. Compression seems to be fine across all 4 cylinders. Right now I am planning on taking the head off and sending it to a machine shop and resurfacing it and maybe putting on a oem headgasket.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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