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New Owner in Nebraska

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Just got my 2010 Frontier 2 weeks ago. I had leased 2 Altimas before and wanted something with more utility and had enjoyed the Nissan line previously.

I went with the Crew Cab 4x4 SE in Flame Red. Gotta say, I'm loving my truck so far!
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I know it is greedy of me to ask advice right off the bat, but I'm gonna do it anyway.:) I ordered my truck with the Truxed roll-up tonneau cover. When it was installed, I find that I can open my tailgate but not close it again unless I unlatch the cover so that the tailgate doesn't crash into the weather stripping. So then I have to relatch the cover after I close the tailgate. The accessory guy at the dealership told me that this is normal operation for the tailgate with the cover. That doesn't seem right to me, but I don't know anyone else that has one that I can compare to. Help me out???? Thanks in advance!
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I had a similar experience with a cover once and loosed the attachments to slip it up a little (small shims) and after a couple of weeks it settled in and could close it with the cover in place.
Can you take one hand and lift the center of the cover slightly to allow the gate to close?

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I don't do cover.. g/l.
Thanks, Clint. That's pretty much my plan as of now is to play around with adjusting it to see if any adjustment will get me the extra space I need. I haven't really tried using 1 hand to push the cover up while latched and then closing the gate. Sounds like a recipe for smashed fingers to me. :)
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