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New owner and new member!

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Hello fellow frontier owners. I just picked up a brand (to me) 1st Gen frontier.

Turns out I should have spent more time looking it over before the pruchase (got some wrench turning to do) but no sense living in the past.

Looking forward to getting help along the way

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I've got a (basically stock) 2002 xe 4x4.

There is a handful of small things:
1) passenger side window goes up but not down from the driver control (assume this is just a bad electrical contact)
2) Bad leak in high pressure AC line coming off of the compressor.
3) Fix the hack job the previous owner did on the installation of fog lights.

The one that is less straight forward is the fact that the front passenger side wheel sits about an inch further back than the driver side wheel. After looking under the truck i didn't see any obvious issues. That said, I am not sure what i should be looking for.

1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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