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New, Noob, Green, Wet behind the ears. That'd be me.

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Hi everyone.
Introduction? Well, I kinda feel outta place since in not spending much in lifts, beautification, lighting 4x4ing, etc.
However, I do really love my 2006 2 wheel drive Frontier (should have a 4x4). Besides my dog it's my trail buddy.
I am currently retried living in Southern Calif. Anytime I can get away from the house, I am a wanna be gold Prospector / Miner. Some of the places I go, I actually should have a 4x4. With that being said my Frontier has never let me down. I have on occasion gone places where I knew my 2 WD would not cut it, so just parked and walked or hooked to with a 4x4 buddy. I have some damage due to a stupid fender bender. (front drivers side fender)
I am here to to find out what years match in order to find a replacement fender and other parts as needed.
I'm hoping I can do that here.
It's good to be amongst folks with a common interest.
I just hope your all enjoying your rigs as much as I enjoy mine.
Thanks All, in advance.
The Oak

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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