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New Nissan Owner From Illinois

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Good afternoon all,
Just signed the papers on a 2016 Frontier Pro 4x manual in black. I was between the Tacoma and Frontier but for some reason my gut told me Nissan. Could be the solid feel, proven system, or just a good dealership. Whatever the reason, I pick it up on Tuesday. Having the trailer hitch installed. No other accessories right now as I just got done adding to my UTV. But I will get there I'm sure.
I'm coming from a 2012 F250 diesel that will be missed but it went with the camper. So here's to life in a small but mighty Frontier.

Have a great weekend .
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Welcome to the 6spd mafia, I love my 10 1/2yr old Nismo 4X4 136,600 miles and counting on the original clutch, and towing a 5000lbs RV the last two years.
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