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I just picked up an 05 NISMO king cab. I love this truck so far. I've had 2 hardbodys in the past.

My last truck was a 1993 chevy 1 ton 4x4 crew cab and it was the worst POS I've ever owned. I drove that truck as a daily driver because I needed something to tow my Grand Cherokee with. I've been an avid offroader for years and I finally have given up for a while. I took some wrong turns with my ZJ building it and it was just time to take a break. BREAK what a good word to describe my ZJ. Everytime I went wheeling I broke something else. I can tell you the exact minute I decided to give up wheeling and part out my Jeep. I was on my way back from Tellico national forest, Jeep on trailer, coming through the nannahala(sp?) gorge and I noticed a trailer wheel wobbling. So when I pulled over the bearing had gotten so bad it was melting the tire off the wheel. THAT was the minute. I'd already had lots of mechanical issues that weekend and driving home on 3 trailer wheels @ 40mph in a 70 was the icing on the cake.
Pic of ZJ for reference attatched.

So, I have since gotten rid of everything and pickedup the Nismo, it had 20k on it when I bought it and some small blemishes in the front and rear bumpers. Thats cool with me. I DO NOT plan to build my truck for wheeling, but I'm not one to leave a vehicle alone. I still have my winch and I'm either going to build a bumper to put it on or buy that one they make("they" because I can't remember the company name atm). I'd like to maybe put a bodylift on it, and that's just because I REALLY don't want to mess with IFS. Other than that, I don't know what else to say.


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