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I bought my 2000 Frontier King Cab V6 4X4 about 3 years ago with 26000 miles and now it has 62000 miles on it. I am joining the forum so I can get some info from others since my truck is now 10years old and will need to start doing some self maintenance. One of the major reasons I am joining, is the Frame rust and will like to hear from others about this issue. I know this older Frontiers have frame rust problems but I love my little Frontier and will like to save it and keep it for another 10 years. Thank you.
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welcome to clubfrontier
Welcome, also have 02 xe, cclb... no frame rust issues here, im not an expert by any means-may have to do with location that the vehicle has been in, than the actual vehicle having a know frame rust problem-sure some others will add on here. good luck

gonna post a picture or your rig???
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