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help needed, accelaration problems

2001 frontier

was driving and heard a big bang,,, it seemed that the speedomator cable broke??

i was going up a hill and had NO power,, pulled off the road,,, and called a friend to calm me down,,

After i sat for a while,, and tried going forward, and backward,, it seemed ok.. so i went toward home..

Every so often,, i would loose all power,,, if i put the truck in neutral it would RACE,,, but then i would go again,,,,
I got it home and parked it,, i do not like the thought of be stranded,,

Had a friend come over and we took it for a ride,,,, it did ok for maybe two miles,, then it would seem like it died,, no accellaration,, when put in nuetral the tach would race!! but not go foward,,, but if left in drive ,,,,,, it would ,, after a while maybe 30 seconds, start working again,,

I looked at 13 pages of nissan problems but found nothing that would compare to this,,

anyone have any ideas??? or at least tell me some things to check into??

I have had the truck for a little over a year and it has been good to me.. but now i am worried... and have no idea where to start..

did change the fuel filter,,,,, what else??

thank you
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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