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Hello all, I got my first Nissan 2 weeks ago. 2017 Frontier SV 4X4 crew cab. I'm loving this truck. It was tough for me as I haven't had a car payment in over 10 years. I came from a 2003 Explorer 4X4 that i bought in 2003 with 20,000 miles on it. I just sold it with just over 465,000 miles on it. It servered me well, but it needed too much $ to get it safe for playing in the snow. This thing rides better than Explorer did when I got it. As with my Explorer, I'm already thinking about lifts, tires etc... Just not sure I want to go to far with this one. Any suggestions? Biggest tire I'll go is 265/75/16 (same as Explorer), for lift I think I'd be Happy just leveling it. We plan on getting A lite weight travel trailer now that our one son is married and on his own and patiently waiting for 18 yr. old son to be on his way. Just kidding, dad will be sad when he leaves. LOL
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Welcome to Club Frontier. Sounds like a standard level lift kit will suit you just fine.
Here's a link to one source ... there are several others I just trust these guys to provide a great product
NissTec 2" Lift Kit ('05+ Frontier) - Nisstec Lifts: Nissan Lift Kits: XTerra Lift Kits, Frontier Lift Kits, Titan Lift Kits, Nissan Truck Lift Kits
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