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Hi guys and gals,
Stephen here, I have a 2012 Nissan King Cab SV V6 6speed manual which I'm quite happy and fond of. Almost pristine it has one minor dent which gives it character. One quirk, my farm is up a hill about 1000' and when I go up or down to town, my ABS light comes on at one location on the trip unless I'm going slow. Easily reset by "rebooting" it (shut off and on again).

I (foolishly) used the bed utili-track to tie down some equipment and left the channel protectors in the bed (too lazy to put them in the barn). When I went to reinstall the protectors one was missing. either blew out or some unscrupulous nissan truck owner "borrowed" one. So far have been unable to locate a replacement. Any ideas?

Love the truck. One reason I got it was eventually to tow an RV but have ended up flying to destination and renting an RV there so haven't followed through on that. Another thought was that there might be a slide-on truck camper. So far the ones I've looked I'm told are too heavy. One plus about the SV V6 manual is that it doesn't have the problem with leaking transmission oil cooler that the automatics had. (sure this is fixed by now).

Anyway hope to learn more here.
Take care
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