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Hey guys n gals, name is Matt and I'm from AR

We picked up a 16 Frontier SV 2WD (value package) from Nissan of Cookeville TN yesterday, we'll had delivered FTW!, but took delivery of it yesterday.

Been keeping an eye on things here for a few days and figured I'd join since I have one now ;)

First impressions, well the instrument, but overall I dig it. Not a huge fan of monotone interior, but it is for the wife dd and to haul El Racecar to the track, and for 22k I couldn't not buy it.

Will toss up some pics shortly, but I figure everyone knows what it looks like lol.

Bought a bull bar off eBay from some dude selling a brand new Westin for $138 shipped and eBay had a $20 off automotive coupon, so $118 shipped :)

Gonna throw some LEDs up there for a little extra nighttime lighting.

Anyhow, thanks for the pretty cool community to join up with.

My ride is a 15 Abarth Cabrio, aka El Racecar. There will be some accidental pics of @ToplessRacing on here when I snag some pics of the Frontier hauling the trailer/car.

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