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New member, I purchased a 2016 Nissan Frontier (pre-owned) a few weeks ago from Fred Beans Nissan of Doylestown PA. I always wanted a Frontier and was so happy when I purchased the vehicle. The salesperson was great and they help me get great financing. A few days later I discovered the rear passenger side carpet was totally wet. I took the Frontier to my local Nissan dealership (Abeloff). They discovered that my rear sliding window had a leak. They were great about taking their time and hosing the truck down for the leaks. They are going to replace the rear window but not the carpet at this time. The carpet has a mildew smell and I’m afraid about mold. I called Fred Beans Nissan of Doylestown and told them about the truck and if I could bring it back because they have a 30 days exchange policy on their used vehicles. The salesperson told that they didn’t have another Frontier and that he would call me back after finding one. Guess what, I never got a return call. I then emailed the salesperson about what was going with the vehicle and his response was good just keep me updated. Thank god for the service manager at Abeloff. I had returned to Abeloff to find out about the window replacement. While I was there the service manager came out and we started talking. I told her that I was retired NYPD sergeant and that I was at 911. I also about my respiratory condition (Chronic Bronchitis) and how I was afraid the wet carpet and mildew might make my condition worse. After the talk she inspected my truck and then instructed the service rep to put in a request for a new carpet. Now I’m just waiting for Nissan to approve it.

Later that week I emailed the Fred Beans Nissan salesperson and asked him if they could sell me a set of Window Deflectors at a discounted price so I could keep my window open for the carpet. His response was to ask for full price. I will never purchase anything from them again.

I still love the truck just not smells. Hopefully with the new window and maybe new carpet everything will be great.

PS: Should I be worry about rust?
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