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New Member SE Pennsylvania

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Hey Guys

Just bought a 2006 Frontier 4x4 Nismo recently. I love the truck even with the terrible MPG (11.9) is my best to date. Look forward to learning about my new ride.
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Welcome aboard, Williamsport Pa area here.

11.9 is downright horrible, how many miles on the rig?
Second question, are you calculating this manually or relying on the truck's computer?
41K. Using the truck's computer.
Driving up and down the mountains, and Winter grade gas really eats into my MPG too. Welcome to the club.
hey and welcome to the site - just joined the other day myself & am in your area - Ft. Washington to be exact !

let me know if you find any local (quality) shops around for mods or upgrades
41K. Using the truck's computer.
The on board computers are known for being way off.
Calculate it manually and you'll be delighted with better numbers, trust me.
Welcome and enjoy.
I found my on board computer pretty accurate but imagine they are not all the same.

Thanks for the welcoming guys.
Welcome to the club.

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Welcome, your mileage will probably get better in the summer, mine always drops a little in the winter.
Welcome and good luck. Delaware County here.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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