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Hello, I am a new member to the forum though I have browsed this forum for several years to get valuable information and joined to ask questions and be part of the Frontier family. I have owned 4 Datsun/Nissan trucks over the years, a 1980 Datsun pickup, 1986 Nissan pickup, 1996 Hardbody and 2004 Frontier. They are good dependable trucks and get many miles out of them.

My current 2004 Frontier SE is a 4cyl 5-speed manual with 285,000 miles. I have put a lot of new parts into my 2004 because I want to keep it running as long as possible. I take it in for service every 30,000 miles. I change my own oil every 3,000 miles. Some new parts include - clutch, radiator, distributor, idler pully, A/C pully.

A couple of weeks ago I had a new catalytic converter and a new (remanufactured LKQ) motor put in. I have about 300 miles on the motor. The idle speed seems high at about 850. On the old motor it was 750.

I have 2 questions. 1, what is the manufacturer-recommended idle speed and 2, how do you set the idle, by computer or by the idle control valve screw?

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