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Hey guys,

Just introducing myself with a first post. I've been reading threads since before I bought my truck. I learned to drive and off road in my dad's stock DD '86 720 and have been a nissan fan ever since. Since then I've had a Samurai built for crawling that didn't drive on the road well, a '78 Scout II, and then a regular cab Ram 1500. The whole time I wanted a combination of everything and made up my mind that a 4 door frontier built for long distance drives to and from trail would be the best option.

So after a lot of research and planning I pulled the trigger and bought a 2001 Frontier 4dr 4x4 (non super charged for fuel efficiency). I stupidly bought it sight unseen from a dealership in Virginia. The dealership seemed to have great review and they sent me tons of photos of the truck. But with the lighting of the photos all of the rust it has was hidden. The truck is still structurally solid, but a large number of bolts are rusted to the point that they may break if trying to remove them. The dealership also cleared a check engine before putting the truck on the shipping trailer, because I couldn't even make it to the gas station before the code came back.he Luckily it came with a blue tooth code reader that told me it was an EVAP leak and after chasing the leak down, the gas tank itself had rusted through at the top where the sending unit/pump go in.

So after a whole bunch of time and money I have a stock Frontier with 31" BFG KO2s. There are still some maintenance things to be addressed but it has a new fuel tank, pump, sending unit, timing belt and water pump knock sensor, and injectors, and the new tires. I cranked the torsion bars and removed the rear bumper for a little more clearance. Oh, and it only has 116,000 miles on it!

Plans for the future rock sliders, front and rear bumpers, SAS, lockers, and T-case gears eventually. But money is tight so it will be a SLOW process. I already have a welder and will probably pick up a tube bender since I can't find any bumpers that I like (not to mention they're all ridiculously expensive). I will upgrade things as I can with a goal of doing it right the first time: i.e. not paying for an IFS lift only to replace it a year later with the SAS.

So that's my blabbering story. I've had it off roading a few times in the snow already and it wheels great for being stock. I even got the chance to pull a few stuck people out including a Ford Excursion and a new Tacoma with crawl control!
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