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New member/New modification?

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Hi People,

I just bought my 9th Nissan 4x4 truck in 23 yrs 2003 Frontier (KING-CAB)
I am a carpenter by trade,and I am into many outdoor pursuits,i.e. camping,hiking and rock/ice climbing not to mention off-roading.I was thinking it might be possible to modify a 2001 X-terra roof-rack/basket/fairing unit to my KC truck?I do know this means cutting some of the back section off and re-fabricating the mid/rear supports angle,as well as some riv-nuts and perhaps some input from Irongrave or slytuna? any input would be appreciated from all. anyhow...I found a rack for 100$ 2-day I think I am going to grab it and hope for some help from all in the next few weeks!

Thanks in advance,
Thomas :noworries:
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welcome to clubfrontier good luck with the rack
What about this?

Nissan Truck Tent
Looks nice! however, I would have to say if you are going to pitch a tent?
You may as well go a bit farther than your rig can take you.
or have a cap, so you could just crawl in back w/t a sleeping-pad/air mat?

Welcome and enjoy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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