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Hi everyone, I have a problem with my 2009 Nissan Frontier SE 4wd v6. I searched the forums already and could not find anything specific to my situation. If this post should be in a different forum, please let me know, and I'll post it there.

I have one of the nicer code readers that can show trouble codes from the ABS system. My ABS system is showing a fault condition C1104, which refers to the Front LH wheel speed sensor. I can clear the code, but it immediately faults again once I start moving. My code reader can also read the data from the speed sensors directly. The three other sensors read the vehicle's speed, but the Front LH sensor reads a zero. I've attached a photo of the sensor readout below.

On the troubleshooting list for the service manual, it states that for code C1104 I should check connector "E18" at the wheel sensor and terminals 45 and 46 at the ABS actuator. I've attached a photo of this as well.

I've looked everywhere I cannot find a guide for which terminals these are so that I can check them. Does anyone know where these terminals are located? Replacing the sensor looks like it will be difficult because I have to remove the rotor and bearings to do it, so I want to see if something is just wrong with the connection first.

Has anyone had any experience with a bad wheel sensor connection and found a solution?

Thanks for reading.


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