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New member living in Lafayette, LA

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I bought my 2006 Frontier Nismo new in late 2006. I had previously owned a 1986 Nissan hard body p/u for about 8 years and it served me extremely well so I figured why not stick with what works.

I haven't done any major modifications yet so my truck is mostly stock. I think I have almost every option available with the Nismo package on a crew cab automatic transmition though so it is still pretty nice.

I have the iPod hookup from the dealer with the RF deck and 120V inverter mounted under the driver's seat.

I have long been thinking about tons of other mods which is how I just found this forum. I am excited to share and learn about what others have done.

Home is in Washington State about an hour south of Seattle but I am currently (hopefully not more than a couple more years) living in Lafayette, LA.

After more than 3 years and more than 50k miles, I am proud to say that I am extremely satisfied with my approximately $30k purchase and have no real complaints. In my opinion this is the best truck I could own.
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Welcome to the club!!
Welcome and enjoy.
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